Tarrago Brands, founded in 1940
Tarrago Brands International expends a great investment to modernize and automate its machinery and production processes.Our job is to develop safer products for the shoe and leather care, of the best quality and efficiency for our customers. We are at present a point of reference in the sectors of repair and manufacture of footwear, leather, leather goods and shoe stores.


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Leather Lotion

Nuevo producto TARRAGO LEATHER LOTION. Limpia, protege, prepara, da brillo y acondiciona. Para cuero liso, vinilo y charol. ¡Ya pueden hacer sus pedidos!

Nuestra gama de plantillas de Invierno ampliada

Toda la gama Winter disponible para este invierno 2014-2015

Tarrago Shoe Care Kits

Discover our great Shoe Care Kits collection and make your shoes look always as new!